Monday, March 31, 2014

Jersey Shore with Dragons

John and Chris are joined by Bryan McGuckin, former member of their old comedy troupe, A Dan Amongst Dans. Listen as they discuss the Blues Brothers, Lord of the Rings, Dick Tracy, Batman, drinking, cake, farting in public, cheesesteaks, cigarettes, the Baby-sitters Club, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, the Golden Girls, Bea Arthur Live, Betty White, Carol Channing, Gene Wilder, James Gandolfini, Jersey Shore, Big Ang, S&M Polish Deli, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, Medieval Times, Braveheart, Danny Glover, Predator 2, doing laundry at mom's house, Dan Akyroyd, Elwood the dog, Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Caddyshack, squirrels in the attic, Ghostbusters, Chubbi-Wan Kenobi, YouTube, Vine, Thanksgiving Rockin' Eve, dude bros, and more!

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