Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hot Time Harv on Episode 29: 2% Gay

Super Live Adventure Episode 29: 2% Gay

The guys spend a night with Hot Time Harv McFine! Listen as they discuss ways to open beers, snapping fingers, drugs, booze, Gallagher, polyamorous relationships, hair loss, how to fight McGuckin, accents, little people, burlesque shows, the death of Mr. Hooper, ghosts, squirrels, Elvis, and more, PLUS Harv plays a few ukulele tunes for us!

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Checkout the slideshow below (Flash required), along with a few videos to accompany this episode!

Here's John on stage with Gallagher last year...

...and here's Gallagher having a heart attack 4 years ago:

Checkout Hot Time Harv's music video, "Keep It Strong."

Finally, if you want to see why we had to train squirrels to eat candy bars for our old sketch troupe, watch the Donation Videos (1-4) on our old YouTube channel.

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