Monday, September 14, 2015

An Old-Timey Podcast

Two shows in one! Recorded in "The Ruins" at the 2015 Richmond County Fair in Historic Richmondtown on Staten Island. First, the guys are joined by urban ecology expert Seth Wollney. Listen as they discuss butterbeer, ghosts, scary movies, nature, animal calls, Hollywood sound effects, John James Audubon, eating animals, the Lenape, the Masters of the Universe movie, and more!

Frank Williams of the Wahoo Skiffle Crazies also stops by to talk about ice cream truck music, basket weaving, the Wizard of Oz, Tron, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, toga parties, the Freshkills Landfill, and Frank's epic poem, The Elders of Aquéhonga.

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The Super Live Adventure Podcast is hosted by Bryan McGuckinChris Sorrentino and John Szeluga.

Theme created by Ezra Donellan and recorded at Red Room Studio, Staten Island, NY.

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